Sony SAL-20F28 20mm f/2.8 Wide Angle Lens for Sony Alpha Digital SLR Camera

  • 20mm f2.8 wide-angle lens
  • Visual accuracy from 10 inches to infinity
  • Coated optics for clarity and definition
  • Rear focusing system for fast autofocus response
  • Circular aperture for defocused effects

A wide-angle lens with uncommon accuracy and extraordinary depth of field. The SAL-20F28 lens delivers a super-wide 94° angle of view, corrects visual aberrations from about 10 inches to infinity, and provides deep depth of field for complex shots that maintain sharp focus in both close foreground and far background. Mounted on your Sony α (alpha) DSLR camera, this beautiful wide-angle lens achieves a 70° angle of view with 30mm focal length (35mm equivalent).


  • Amazing Visual Accuracy – Advanced correcting techniques for optical distortion create visually accurate shots with minimum aberration–so foreground and background are both represented as actually seen.
  • Clear, Sharp Imaging – With sophisticated optical coating to prevent internal reflection, this wide-angle lens achieves superb clarity and definition.
  • Deep Depth of Field – The ability to keep both close foreground and distant background in critically sharp focus.
  • Rear Focusing System –Lens elements at the rear of the lens move to increase autofocus speed and help you catch quick action.
  • Circular Aperture – Conventional lenses close their apertures with blades that can create multi-sided shapes–but the aperture blades of this superb wide-angle lens form a near circle at the wide openings you’ll use for low-light shots, so spotlight sources have a pleasing circular defocused effect.


  • Front and rear lens cap
  • SH0013 petal lens hood

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